Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Class Library & Lemonberry Yogurt

Wow!  I just found this very cool website Classroom Organizer.  It is all over Pinterest and I had to take a look.  The website lets you scan in all your books in your classroom library using the upc bar code on the back of the book.  You can also include the AR level and points, grade level, interest level and so on.  Then you can import or type in your class lists. 

Then when one of my kiddies ask, "Can I take this home?" I can say sure and hand them either my I-Phone or I-Pad where the child scans the bar code under their name.  When they bring the book back, they rescan the bar code under return and their name.  Voila ! I know WHO has my book.  Over the years so many of my books had never been returned.  Now I have an easy way to track them.  Seriously, I do not know for sure what is in my classroom library.  When I first started teaching and my library was small, I typed up a list.  Now, I have no clue and the thought of typing them all up sounds yucky!!!!  I have already started scanning the books I picked up over the summer.  Hopefully I can convince my oldest daughter to come to school with me and scan in all the books in my classroom.  Maybe a trip or two to Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt will do the trick.  In fact I need to go, we are on our way to Lemonberry now!  Yum


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