Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Day, Craft, Shower & Awesome Find

Well we got another snow day!  I think my school is on our 6th and my kids are on their 8th snow day!  But I so needed this snow day after my sister's wedding shower this weekend.  I know many of you are say, "Wait didn't she have Monday off for President's Day?"  Yep but I was still hurting yesterday from all the cleaning!  I will just write 2 words.....DOG BOGGERS!  All you bloggy friends that have dogs know what that means.

Soooo I thought I got a day off today I would share a few things we did last week and a fabulous find I found last night while I was lesson planning.

First here is the super cute craft my room mom had them do for the Valentine's Day party.

String Art.....so 1970's and they loved it!

First they had to hammer in nails into a template attached to a piece of painted wood.

Then they pulled off the paper template and tied colored string to one of the nails.  Going back and forth between the nails they fill in or outline the shape.  Super cute!
My Sunday was filled with 20 women who came to celebrate my sister's upcoming wedding.  Here a few Pinterest inspired pictures.

The last thing is something I found while doing my lesson plans last night.  My partner teacher and I were discussing using more informational text in the classroom.  It is a huge change in the Common Core.  Since I really do not use my science textbook that much, I was searching how I could use more informational texts in class. 
***Squirrel (From one of my fav bloggers)****
Pssss....If you have a science textbook that you like I would LOVE if you shared and left a comment or an email.  We are in the process of purchasing a new textbook but I have not been impressed so far. 
 Then bam I found it.....a website, a FREE website that you can print short informational text and questions on science topics (On other subjects too I just haven't really looked since I found all the science texts.).  The text is even leveled by grade and Lexile.  Yahooooo!  Here is the link ReadWorks website
Well I hope your Tuesday is going well.  I would love to hear what you are doing today.
Stay warm,



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