Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weather, Bathrooms & Summertime

Good Morning Everyone,
It is Currently time with Farley's fabulous linky party.  This is my favorite linky!  I get to catch up with all my favorite bloggers, meet a few new friends and share some of my own happenings. 
Sooooo here it goes...

Listening... My first grader has taken off with reading and insists on reading everything.  I know it is awesome but when you first wake up that is not what I want to hear, "Mom what is this word" fifty times. Ugh the reading love of a first graders you have to love it.

Loving....I think we are going on the summertime stretch here is Ohio.  Beautiful weather is here to stay.  LOVE

Thinking... Ok my bathrooms need to be cleaned desperately but I just don't want to.  There is always another day right? 

Wanting... To take a short trip with my hubby but it is hard to find someone to take all 3 of my kids and their crazy sport schedule. 

Needing...I am not one to count down the school year I actually love being with my class and at school but I am getting pooped.

Summer YES, hope and dream... Most of my summer is running kids to different soccer and baseball tournaments.  We put a lot of miles on my van but we are always up for a road trip.   I hope we can take a vacation but money is tight so I think it will be a Staycation for us.  Of course my long standing dream is to go to Italy.

Everyone enjoy their Saturday (2 soccer games for us today).  Grab a cup of coffee and check out the other awesome bloggers.