Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made Its - Baking, Paint and B2S Technology

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone is filling up their carts at the TpT Back to School Sale!  Don't forget the coupon code of B2S!

Well on to my one well maybe two, ohhh I thought of another one so three Monday Made Its!  I guess I was more productive last week then I thought I was!!!  Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics has this wonderful linky party.  I love this linky especially looking at all the beautiful things everyone is making.  I usually don't get to participate because I either forget to take pictures or I get nothing completed but not this week!  Whoo Whoo!

This is my shamelessly plug for my TpT store.  I pushed all day yesterday to finish my Fast Food Challenge.  Every year I try to find a template to do this activity with my 4th and 5th graders but it is never really what I want so......I made my own.  In this challenge the kids create a unhealthy fast food meal at their favorite fast food restaurant using the internet to use the restaurant's online menu.  Then they create a healthy meal using the same parameters - a drink, main, side and dessert but it has to be under and as close as they can get to 550 calories.  


 For my 2nd Monday Made It I went blueberry picking with my youngest and my BFF and then made 5 loaves of blueberry bread.  I was surprised how easy this quick bread was and the best part it was really Yummy!  Here is the recipe HERE.

My last Monday Made It I painted a really cute headboard and foot board for my middle daughter's bedroom.  It was given to us for free but the person smoked and it was really gross!  So I sanded, applied 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of white paint!  I think we are going to buy some chevron contact paper and line the back of the sliding shelves.  Hopefully I can get some pictures when my daughter wakes up.  Sleep Beauty the life of a teenager.  It is going to be tough in a few weeks getting up at 5:30 AM!

Well if you still are on summer break enjoy these last few days.  If you are back to school already I hope you are having a fabulous first week back!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kitten, Sunsets, B2S Craziness!

  Yahooo - its Farley's Currently linky and noooooooo it can't be August it just CAN'T be!  Just when I at last get into summer mode.....BAM it's time to go back to school.  I love going back to school but WOW it just comes faster every year.

Look at this beautiful sky!  I just want summer to slow down to a snail's pace right now!

I love Farley's Currently!  I will be lost reading everyone's posts for hours today.  So here is mine...

Listening:  Okay we found another furry friend at my son's baseball tournament.  I took it home with the expectation that I would fine a home for it.  Ahhhhhh....NOPE!  Now she is tearing up my furniture with her crazy claws.  Just what we need something else that poops!  Isn't she cute though?

Loving:  First days of August have been just beautiful here in Ohio!  We went from wet and cold to stifling HOT!  Now AHHHHH!  You have to love Ohio weather.

Thinking: I have been working on a new product for my TpT store - Fast Food Challenge. I just ran into a snag so I am trying to problem solve it quickly so I can have it ready for the TpT Back to School SALE!  I love this sale and I have quite a bit in my cart to buy on Monday.  How about you?

Wanting: To go B2S shopping....I need to sell at the TpT sale!  Fingers crossed.

Needing: This was the first year ever in 20 years that I did not rip down all my bulletin boards so you would think easy peasy right?  Nope I decided to organize all my science supplies out of those large plastic totes.  This picture all shows a small part of the mess.  I love to organize but geeze what was I thinking.

B2S Rack:  I love Farley's idea of putting a bit of happiness in a few teacher's mailbox.  I wanted to do something last year but being new to the school I did not have enough guts.  I already have a few teachers in mind now what to sneak in there???? Hmmmm

Enjoy these last few beautiful days!!!

Happy Sunday,