Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest

My 4th & 5th graders & myself got an early Christmas present this year by way of our first ever product review.  Yahoo!!!!   We were sent the Quietest Pencil Sharpener to try out & keep.  I have been reading on other teacher blogs about a pencil sharpener that is super quiet from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  So I had to investigate.  My classes were so excited to try out the new pencil sharpener especially since...

our "traditional" wall sharpener was not so efficient.  The old wall sharpener was only great at devouring pencil after pencil & we had become quite frustrated.  I did buy an electric sharpener that broke thankfully since the noise drove me crazy every time someone went to sharpen their pencil.  We even had a student who had a hand sharpener that would sharpen all our pencils by hand because the wall sharpener was so crummy.   So we were definitely up to the road test challenge.  Here is the fancy new pencil sharpener which reminded me of an old fashion electric can opener.  My kids were like, "Huh???"  I know I am showing my age - sorry.

I had a quick training session for each class but after you get the routine down WOW what a great little sharpener. Quiet, quick, & sharp points every time. No more pencil eating monster.   The fifth graders went crazy and became very protective over "their" sharpener, not wanting the fourth graders to touch it!  One of my fifth graders who is very artistic said that he wanted his mom to buy one for him for Christmas.  I did have to eventually hide the pencil sharpener from the fourth graders since they thought it was ok to have the entire class in line up waiting to sharpen their pencils while I was teaching.  Ugh!  But this sharpener is definitely worth every penny.  I also think it is very cool that this amazing little sharpener was designed & sold by a teacher.  So if you are looking for the Quietest Pencil Sharpener this one is up for the job.  Check out Classroom Friendly Supplies.  We also wanted to thank Troy over at Classroom Friendly Supplies for giving us the opportunity to road test the Quietest Pencil Sharpener.  We LOVE it!!!!


  1. Neato! I have a pretty nifty old school one like your traditional one. I would be interested to know if that sharpener stays quiet. I think that it is so adorable that your little guy wants one for Christmas!

    My Teacher Friend

  2. This post made me chuckle...I thought that I was the only one with pencil sharpener issues! In my room I have two very expensive X-Acto electric sharpeners and a really good manual sharpener, and on any given day NONE OF THEM will be working! I blame soft colored pencils and students who think that they can get those cool pencils with points on both ends by sticking the eraser end into the sharpener...sigh. Anyway, I will have to check out the Quietest Pencil Sharpener

    Your newest follower,

  3. I love my sharpener too! It took a little getting used to, but once we figured it out it was amazing. Just the thing after one of my "sweethearts" broke my uber expensive electric sharpener by trying to sharpen an eraser!

  4. Oh boy the eraser sharpening sounds like a repeating theme in my class too. I won't even let my kids sharpen colored pencils in this new sharpener. Thanks for all the awesome comments!



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