Sunday, December 9, 2012

1st Product Endorsement - WOW!!

Ok I can't wait for my new teacher friendly pencil sharpener to come from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  For the next week I will be racing to the mailbox each day after school for my first product endorsement.  I have been reading on all my favorite teacher blogs about this amazing pencil sharpener.  The most recent was Mercedes at Surfing to Success who mentioned that you could request to do a product endorsement and you get the pencil sharpener FREEEEEEEE!  Yahoo!  So last night I went on the Classroom Friendly Supplies website and clicked the link and left the required information. Guess what I got an email this morning!  At first I read it and it said that I had to have at least 100 followers.  I only have 61:(  Boo!!!!! But then I kept reading and the owner Troy said I had a really cute blog and my blog was the type of blog they are looking for to endorse the pencil sharpener and get the word out.  It felt like Santa had came early for me.  I was hootin' and a hollerin'!   So I am writing about my first endorsement before I even get the product because I cannot contain myself to wait for the sharpener to come in the mail and for my class to take it for a test run.  I also wanted to thank Mercedes at Surfing to Success and Troy over at Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I cannot wait!  Yippee!!  Come back soon to see how this pencil sharpener stands up the pencil destroyers, A.K.A. my fourth and fifth graders.



  1. Only teachers could understand our excitement over a pencil sharpener. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine. :)

    Surging to Success

  2. Love this pencil sharpener! And everything is better when it is free! = )

    Teaching With Moxie


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