Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Currently & Ornament Swap Linky

What a fun blog to write today.  I can't wait to share Farley's December Currently for this month.  Especially since I at last figured out how to do the December Currently!  Yahooooooo  I did download a free 60 day trail of Microsoft Office to get the powerpoint software.  Hmmm I may need to invest in the software & buy the program.  Ugh! 

So Ta Da here it is...
I am listening to (not watching because I am typing this blog post) my favorite thing to do on the weekend which is to watch the weekend news shows with a hot cup of coffee.

 I am loving the fact that I was able to finish decorating the house for Christmas.  Some years I am into decorating and some years I am not.  It is just so time consuming probably because as I am putting the Christmas stuff up, I am also cleaning.  Ugh!  It was quite precious this morning to listen & watch my youngest run around ohhh-ing & ahhhh -ing over the decorations that were magically put up while she was sleeping.  Sweet!  There will not be many years of that so it was so worth all the work.

Ok this is always what I am thinking on Sunday, that I need to do my lesson plans but what fun is that? 

I am so wanting Christmas break this year to come quicker.  I am not sure why since I am having a pretty good year at school.  I have been feeling this year a nagging feeling to stay home with the kids so I can be there for more activities. It frustrates me that there is many school things that I cannot go to because I work especially with my youngest who is in preschool & I hate the fact she has to go to aftercare until I get done with work.  I have been racking my brain for a job that I can do from home but make decent money.  I even looked into teaching at one of those online schools but wow it is a ton of work with little pay.  Oh well off to work I go.

I am always in the need of more money especially this time of year. We do sell on Ebay & Craigslist & that helps.  I would love to open an Etsy shop.  Hmmmmm  maybe a summer project.

My RAK is do give my Advent Prayer Buddy a little something extra to pick up her spirits.  We are only suppose to pray for our buddy but my buddy is having a really rough year & needs a little more then prayer.  So I am going to leave her s little something in her mailbox at school every Monday so I need to think, think, think!

Wow this is a long post, sorry.  Trying to avoid breaking that blogging rule of only posting once a day.

So on to my last thing that I want to share which is that I linked up to this really cute linky party which was an ornament swap over at Ginger Snap Crafts.  Jennifer's rules were that you can buy or make an ornament for your partner that she assigned you trying to stay with the partner's blog theme.  My partner was Alecia over at Mrs. Leigh's Blog.  She has a cute blog about her daily life as a new wife & college student.

Here is my "melted snowman" ornament I made.  I saw this all over Pinterest & couldn't resist.
Here is what Alecia sent me.....
It is so cute on my "teacher tree."  Thanks Alecia!!
Well I hope everyone has a nice Sunday.



  1. Oh, I missed the ornament swap linky. That sounds fun! Is it still going on?

    And I use Preview to do my currentlys. I don't know if that's a free download or not, but it came on my Mac.

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Hi Wendy! I just searched for Ohio bloggers on Farley's currently and found your blog! I am a second grade teacher in the Toledo area. I adore your melted snowman ornament... I've never seen that before! It's super cute! :)

    EduKate and Inspire


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