Friday, February 1, 2013

Farley's February Currently

Ok I just have to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.  This is going to be a quickie post since this felt like the longest week ever.  
Most of my February Currently is self explanatory so I will just explain just a few. 
 First I am so wanting to go to bed because this was Catholic Schools Week at our school and boy what a week!  Then of course half the Greater Cleveland area but us had a snow day today which canceled our assembly because the presentors were the "Trash Talkers" from St. Ed's High school.  Here is a quick video of these trash can beating high school musicians.  So I had to quickly figure out what we were going to do all afternoon.  I LOVE my partner teacher and our first grade buddies.  LIFE SAVERS!

We were so disappointed that we did not get to see them live:( 
My pet peeve is when students think they can pull a fast one over on me which one of them tried to do with me today and I was already in a bad mood.  So it was not a good choice no way! I let her have it and then some.   Did she think I was born yesterday?  Uhhhh NO!  By the way Farley's microphones and cameras ploy works every time for me too.   I am not sure what I will do when I get that student who wants to see or hear it and you know it will happen.  Ugh!
 Then my other pet peeve is GERMS just like Farley.  Ugh all that sneezing, coughing and boogers  that is in full force in my classroom. Yuck, Yucky, Yuck!   If I could spray each kid with a shot of Lysol as they walking into the room I would.  lol

Have a peaceful weekend,



  1. Ugh, I totally agree with germs-- my whole class (and school, for that matter) have been so sick this month :( I feel I have taught more minilessons on how to sneeze and wash hands than writing!! Have a great weekend :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. Hey there! I found you through the Farley Currently link up! Sorry your assembly was cancelled. That video looks like they would be awesome to watch! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  3. Oooh! I hate germs too!!! I'm the sanitizing queen!!!! :)

    Kindergarten Korner

  4. I heard Ohio got hit pretty badly from the weather! Wish we had a snow day here since it was a LONG week! I totally agree about the germs! Boogers are so icky and many of my students are just stuffing their fingers deep in their noses.

    Cheers To School

  5. I agree... this WAS the longest week ever! My kids are walking germs too... I'm lucky to have a sink where I encourage lots of hand washing and two giant hand sanitizer jugs too. I've noticed that the kids use the hand sanitizer often and when they do, I usually don't catch lots of sickness.

    Life In Middle School

  6. Linked up from Farley! I always love when students or adults think they can pull a fast one, no folks - we are smarter than that. Lol

  7. Hi there! I found your blog through Farley's currently and I'm a new follower.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  8. I have several students who consistently try to pull a fast one. There are several helpers in my room and they try to play us like "mom and dad". If one of us doesn't give an answer they like they go ask a different annoying!


  9. I just found you through Currently. I am teaching fourth grade this year. I don't know why students think they can fool us. By now I have seen all the tricks.


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