Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teeny, Tiny Baby Steps, Study Skills, TpT

Well I just did my first TpT product that is not free!  Last week after my fourth graders did their test on weathering and I decided I wanted them to fill out some type of self reflection on their test performance.  I went to my fav place, TpT, and searched for, "Student Reflection, Test Reflection, Student Self-Evaluation" but I found nothing.  Ugh! 

So what is a teacher to do?????  I could not pass up a teachable moment because I could not find what I needed so I quickly made up my own form.   Plus it supports the common core of student self-reflection that we have started at our school.  Hmmmm  I may have something here. 

So I passed out their tests and then we discussed ways that the students that did well did to study.  Some answers I heard were;  flashcards for vocabulary or write the study guide questions on one side and the answers on the other, make up a mini test using the study guide, use online tools, review the study guide or have a parent quiz them. The students then filled out the reflection form I created and I had them bring it home for a parent to sign and then return it the next day.  I did give points for completing and turning in the reflection form.  Believe it or not I got all the forms returned the next day.

So here is the link to take a peek.  Student Test Reflection Form

Tell me what you think.  I am so nervous.  Also how do you feel about cover pages?  I personally do not print them out even though they are very cute.  I just do not have the money to pay for all the ink for my printer to print out all those colorful cover pages.  So I did not make a cover page. Should I?  What are your thoughts on cover pages.

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  1. I think that title pages are important if it's a paid item and contains more than one page. If it's a single page, then I don't worry about it.

    I just listed my first paid items, too. Nerve-wracking, isn't it?!

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the advice. I am currently working on a longer document (Science Fair packet) and I will included a cover page. I wish you many sales!

    P.S. My reflection form is on someone's wishlist so far! Yahoo!

  3. I don't ever print out a cover page, but it adds to the appeal of the product!! However, I wouldn't use one with a one page document either. Congrats on your first item. You will be so super excited when you make your first sale!!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


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