Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Year, Chicks, and Summer,

Ok I am totally in love and guess with what?  It is officially summer for me and my kiddos! YAHOO!

It was a wonderful year at my new school and I am confident that I made the right choice in changing schools last year.  I was so scared and worried.  But.....I had so much FUN with my kids and I even was able to hatch a baby chick.  Here is a picture of Julian on her birthday...

Shhhh you may notice I am using the pronoun, "her / she."  We are praying its a girl.  We won't know for a few more weeks.  Chickens are not like puppies or cats where you can just flip them over and check out those privates.  Nope they are well hidden.  LOL

Yep you do see two chicks.  Only one hatched (out of six) which is blocking the other one we bought (Tweedy Bird) to keep Julian company.  They are not the cutest right now since their big girl feathers are coming in. I did let my classes name them both.  One of the names they wanted was SHAQ!  Thank you that did not win.  LOL

Also since my time is a bit more relaxed I had to join Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her June Currently. This is my FAVORITE linky party.  So here it is...

Listening and Loving - Self explanatory:)

Thinking - Feeling a bit guilty that I have not hit the floor running with my gigantic To Do list. Oh well it will get done..right?

Wanting - I am looking for a new and inspiring prof read.  I have read quite a few lately, Teach Like A Pirate, Lighting Their Fires (summer read for school -  finished in 2 hours), Ron Clark's Essential 55 ( I so want to visit his school now), Book Whisper, Reading In The Wild.... What is your favortie professional read?  I would love some recommendations or to join a book club (something I have not tried yet).

Needing - Nothing!  Live is not easy but it is good.  I am enjoying this time in my life.

Summer Lovin" - I love to organize and purge my house during the summer.  My poor pack rat and garbage picking hubby.   He is already swearing under his breath but he does love to have his wife back if its at least for a few months.  I love to spend time with my family and we do with all the traveling we do with baseball and soccer.  Also love to do crafty things around the house.  I just have to pick one of many to start.  Maybe paint the front door a bright cheery color.

I hope you are out too or will be very soon.  Would love to hear from you:)



  1. Happy Summer! I totally and with you on finding a great book for professional reading. I will be teaching 6th grade next school year and need something geared to this age group. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
    2 Smart Wenches

  2. So lucky that it's summer for you already. I have 9 more days. My principal let me borrow the book Notes and Notices. It's interesting a different way to look at guided reading I guess you could say. She let me borrow it to help with getting my kiddos to improve on their close reading. Maybe you'll find useful. Happy summer!!!


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