Sunday, March 1, 2015

More SNOW and Science Stations

Happy March 1st!

Spring is right around the corner right?!?! Uh here in Ohio we are projected to get another 4 inches of snow!  Boooo!

But it has to be coming soon.  Right?

I wanted to share what I have been doing in science this month....

In science we have been studying light and sound in fifth grade and in fourth grade weathering.  With 31 kids in each class it is tough to do experiments even in groups.  Too many needs or behavior issues (off task, not following directions...)  and only 1 me.  So I started doing stations to move the kids through each experiment/activity. 

Last week in fifth grade I want them to test objects if they were transparent, translucent or opaque and why they knew.

Station 1 - Flashlight Lab - Test for light in a straight line & what happens when it hits certain objects; Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper & a scratch plate (very cool results).

Station 2 - Sound & Light Sort (preview to this week's sound lessons).  It is FREE HERE.

Station - Study Jams Light Video & Guided Notes on the Google Classroom

In fourth grade I wanted them to really grasp the weathering, erosion and deposition process.

Station 1 - WED Crawl - The group had to pull cards to see what role they would get, weathering, erosion or deposition.  Then weathering had to "break" apart Mega Blocks (Larger Legos), erosion "carried" the blocks on their belly and crab crawled to the deposition group who "deposited" the blocks into a landform.  I did find this idea on Pinterest so it is not my own.

Station 2 - Weathering Sort - Sort cards into weathering, erosion, or deposition piles.  I found this Weathering Sort by Laura Chandler and it is FREE!

Station 3 - Study Jams Landform Slideshow and guided notes on my Google Classroom

Each group spends about 10 minutes at each station then they move to the next.  I am then able to float between stations to answer questions, check on comprehension and manage any behavior issues.  The next day I go over all the answers to each station. 

This seems to be working well.  On to light and different mediums and fossils this week....

Happy Sunday,

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