Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It - School, Personal & Home

Today is Monday so I HAD to link up with Tara Fourth Grade Frolics for......


Made It # 1 - School
Ok I did work on some school stuff, my reading notebooks.  I started the first couple pages in the notebook.  I will spend the first week or so setting up notebooks for both my 4th grade reading classes and my 4th and 5th grade science classes.  I love using notebooks.
Ok this is upside down and I cannot get it to flip.  Grrrrrr!

Made It # 2 - School
 I also worked on a product for my TpT store.  If you want to take a look click Extinct, Endangered, Threatened Webquest. I need to look it over again to make sure my pain meds did not effect my judgment. All those Instagram, Facebook and blog post from Vegas this weekend were so inspiring.  I want to go next year! 

Made It # 3   - Personal
I had surgery to replace my ear drum that had ruptured and never closed quite a few years back.  It has really effected my hearing.  Both my ears are a mess but just one at a time please!  I could not just get hearing aids which I thought about.  The tissue from my ear canal was creeping behind the little bit of my ear drum I had threatening to make my hearing worst.  So I gave in and got the surgery.  I won't get too graphic but lets just say it feels like I have had a backwards facelift and a stick shoved in my ear.  Ouch!  Here is my lovely headgear I had to wear the first night home.  Tuesday I get the packing out and I cannot wait!  I pray my hearing will be better after all this pain. 

Made It # 4- Home
While stuck at home recuperating and starting to feel a little better I made pretzel rolls.  Yum this is my favorite recipe even though they did not get as brown as I like since I was low on baking soda.  Here is a link to the easy recipe. 

There is the empty box of baking soda for the roll bath!

The dough needs to raise for about an hour. 

Wow does these look huge & ugly. They tasted better then they looked!
I cannot wait to check out the other bloggers' Monday Made It.  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Hey Wendy, I found your blog. I've got the code for you to use to have your blog link show up in your comments. Problem is, if I copy and paste it here, it will actually work and show the link. I was going to email it to you, but you are coming up as a no-reply blogger. Follow the tutorial at this link to fix that. And, if you email me directly from your email (so I can reply) I will paste in the code for your to use.

    Mary Dressel
    4th Works

  2. OH NO! I am sorry that you have had to have surgery on your time off. I hope you are resting and healing well!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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