Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Clubs, Reading Workshop, CAFE 5, Textbook - SOOOO Many Decisions

Gosh summer is flying by so quickly.  I want to stick my feet outside (Like how Fred Flintstone use to stop his car.) and try to stop summer from going by so quickly!  LOL

My nerves are on edge since I will be starting at new school.  I started to plan a little especially with 4th grade reading which I have not taught in a while.  When I did teach reading my team used book clubs exclusively.  Then I have been reading around about reading workshop where the kids pick their own books, the teacher does mini lessons & conferences with the kids.  I watched a webinar on Laura Chandler's Corkboard Connection about Reading Workshop.  I actually LOVED this format.  Can this really be done?  Do any of my readers use reading workshops?  How do you do it in your classroom?

My concern is I am not a textbook type of teacher and the new school I am starting at is.  The new principal said I do not have to use the textbook.  So I should be excited right?   Not after reading, Reading in the Wild.  Boy that book makes me feel overwhelmed!  I did read the Book Whisper 
first and really felt inspired but that second book!  How can I do it all? 

I have planned out which genre I want to do each month and I thought to first start with a 2 week poetry unit to get my feet wet and to get to know my kids as readers.  That would give me some time to get Star Reading testing done and to look over scores.  I can also get the reading workshop or book clubs started which could be a combination of the two.  I also started creating a few pages for the kids' reading notebooks. 

 Ok bloggy friends....your thoughts?  Any resources would you suggest? 


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