Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Week in Pictures - Family Staycation.

Yahoooo!  I love Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera Saturday Snapshots linky party. 

What an easy way to get a blog post in and also share a sneak peek into my/ our week.  The reason I say "our" week is this was my hubby's vacation week so this is our staycation in review.

My hubby and I LOVE to look for vintage finds.  We found this cute shop called the The Bomb Shelter last year and enjoying going back to snoop around.

Vintage Soap Box Derby Car

Vintage T.V.s - How fun!
Ok this is my favorite camper. - Isn't it too cute!

Then on Wednesday we went downtown for Walnut on Wednesday.  Every Wednesday all the popular food trucks park at W12th and Walnut St. in downtown Cleveland for lunch with music from a local radio station.  It was packed!

Youngest with hubby getting little donuts.
Yummy! We sampled pizza cooked in a fire oven and delicious little donuts. 

Then on Friday we at last made it to American Girl in Columbus, Ohio for a belated birthday gift for my youngest.  BIG time belated her birthday was in February! 
We did a lot of other stops but you pictures.  Here is how we all felt by the end of the week.

I hope you enjoyed our staycation!  I can't wait to see your pictures.

Happy Saturday,


  1. I need the SAYS Teacher's...therefore we should drink it! Thanks for showing me around Cleveland a little bit in your pictures. The last time I was there I didn't really get to explore because I spent most of my time at Cleveland Clinic with my Jerm. We may be going back there and I'd love to take a few days to have an adventure before we are in hospital lockdown.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Wow you've been having a fun summer. I'm loving all the pictures from Cleveland and your staycation. I've never been but it looks fabulous. It's always fun to place tourist in your own town. Food trucks are my favorite. I would have been in heaven.

  3. That looks like such a cool store! If I'm ever in Cleveland I will have to try and find it!

  4. The Bomb Shelter looks like such a fun store! I definitely could do some damage in there. I also love old school vintage finds.

    Fifth Grade Wit and


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