Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of the Year Reflection - It Truly Was A GREAT Year!

Well once again I have neglected my blog but things just got so crazy from spring break on.  I had a list a mile long that I wanted to write about or post on TpT but poof no energy.  So I decided today is better then never to get back on the horse.  I also thought a great topic would be to reflect on my year.  Does anyone else do this? 

First I had an awesome year.  Probably my best year ever. Why?

1. I felt I really knew my curriculum.
2. My 4th & 5th graders really came far in math even though we had a rough start at the beginning of the year.  That crazy Common Core & Go Math!
3.  I was able to implement the new science curriculum that I helped to write.  I LOVE IT!
4.  I used math stations in math.  They were only used once a week but I really enjoyed them.  I would try to implement more next year but things are changing.  I will get to that in a minute.
5.  My co-teacher...... we complemented each other's teaching style. At my school every year you get assigned a different co-teacher and you never know for sure who until the first day but this year was a great match.
6.  Both the 4th & 5th grade classes were a bunch of great kids.  Doesn't great kids make for a great year?
7.  My principal was amazingly supportive with some big decisions I had to make.
8.  I was busy and I love being busy and feeling like I am making a difference.
9.  The test scores looked good.  They were terrible last year. I really analyzed the scores that year and tried to change some things in the classroom and it showed.  Woot Woot!
10. I had some awesome science activities.....sheep's heart dissection, owl pellets, and an egg drop were my favorites!

What I need to work on.....
1.  Reading more informational text.
2.  Reading with a pencil and annotating.
3.  Organizing my science units better so they flow more.  I had some new stuff I taught and they are still a little rough.
4.  More science labs....once a week I am hoping for.
5.  My clip chart for behavior.  I just read an article but how clip charts are degrading to the student. What are your thoughts on this??????
6.  Trying to find more experiments and charts that my students can analyze. There is a lot of this type of stuff on our standardized testing.
7.  Finding some great reads for my reading groups.  Can anyone recommend a great "Christian" novel for 4th graders?  I think my little one and myself are going to venture out to the library today:)
8.  Start an Edmodo account right away.  I did one with my fifth grader towards the end of the year and they LOVED it!
9.  Have the kids use technology more in projects.  Like submitting assignments online becoming more a paperless classroom. 
10. Blog more consistently and add things to my TpT store.  I actually have an animal webquest that I need to get up but to make the cover page with the clip art and graphics.  Ugh!

Ok my big change is that I am going to be working for a new school closer to home.  It is still 4th & 5th grade science and then instead of math, social studies and religion, I will be teaching 4th grade reading.   I know some of you are thinking less prep?  What's the dilemma  ?

This decision was so hard but I prayed very hard about it and know it is what I am suppose to be doing.  I did not want to leave my class, co-workers, parents, my comfort zone and especially my principal. My principal was the one who encouraged me to take this change.  I kept telling her no I do not want to work there out of fear of the change. My principal kept telling me, "Just listen to what they have to offer."

So begrudgingly I went and at first I turned them down but then I was given an offer I could not refuse. So I am off to start a new year at a new school.  I am very excited but scared of the new challenges.  Plus my youngest will be coming to school with me.  Now that is a topic for another post. 

Sorry no pictures.... I have been fighting with my phone and laptop for too long.  I need to take a break and come back to it later.  Hopefully soon. 


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  1. You won't regret working closer to home! It is amazing how much more time you have to be a good teacher/blogger/everything else when you don't spend as much time commuting!

    The Math Maniac


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