Friday, January 24, 2014

Brrrr, Braging & Big Brains

Ok I think most of the United States is feeling the deep freeze that has us in its grip.  Can it really get any colder?  My kids' district was closed today because of the cold.  My district still had school  (sarcastically) it must be because I live in another county then my school and it had to be warmer.  Nope it was colder!  Oh well I was fine having school but it was not fun getting there and coming home.  Painful cold.  My car did not really start to warm up on the 20 minute ride home until I was in my drive.  There is no end in sight since Ohio is looking to get colder next week and the gossip is there will be a snow day or 2.  We will see.

I did want to share a few pictures my school's awesome science fair and brag a bit. Every student 1 - 8th grade is required to complete a science fair project that focusing on the scientific method.  I spend weeks at the beginning of the school year teaching my 4th & 5th graders about the scientific method.  Then actual project is completed at home but my students have to follow a timeline of due dates to bring in specific parts of their project so I can check they are on the right track.  Then the BIG night comes and viola..........

On a very cold night yesterday, 156 first through eighth graders and their families come to science fair.  The judging is done by professionals in science which is arranged by an awesome parent volunteer during the day.  Then at night our school cafeteria is turned in to a jam packed science museum.  All the kids come to share their projects and to see if their project received a superior, excellence or honorable mention.  There was some really amazing projects.

This was one of my fifth grader's projects.  Yep fifth grader!  I actually had to do research on this topic just so I could grade his project.  Talk about a "big brain."  Well I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into our science fair.  Stay warm & safe.  Leave a comment or 2 I love to check out other blogs.


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