Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Bit Of Everything

I titled this post "A Little Bit Of Everything" because I am going to try to catch up on my blogging without overwhelming my readers.  Or better yet boring everyone with my this and that.  But I do have a few things I would like to share.

First I wanted to thank my September Slant Box partner.  Yep that does say September and it is almost the end of October.  Oops!  The October Slant Boxes are being sent now.  I will be honest I did not sign up for October.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Obviously!!! Ha!  My partner, Amanda, over at His and Her Hobbies has such a cute blog done by  her and her husband.  Amanda sent me an awesome box with so many cute things it came in two boxes. 

Box # 1

Awesome stop what you are doing cards!

Glittery pencils, glue sticks, Post Its, chocolates......
 Ok I am not the best Slant Box partner..... I forgot to take a picture of box # 2 and the BEST gift.  The Noise-O-Meter!!!  Amanda remembered that I complained about my talkative bunch of 4th & 5th graders and made a super cute Noise-O-Meter to remind my classes of the expected noise level.  I have it posted in the front of my classroom.  Maybe I will remember tomorrow to take a picture and add it to this post.  Fingers crossed!!!

On to the October Monday Made It with Tara over at Fourth Grade Frolics before the month is over.

Talking about behavior....  I gave into the behavior clip chart craz that you see all over Pinterest and Bloglovin.  I absolutely LOVE it and purchased mine on TpT by Amy Alvis.  Here is her TpT link.  I have two classes full of boys so I searched everything to find a clip chart that would appeal to boys and was not babyish!  It uses a  sports theme and I use it for both my 4th & 5th graders.  I gave each level points that ranged from 5 - 0 and we tally the points on Friday and pass out 1 ticket for every 5 points.  The tickets go into my Caught Being Good raffle that I pull each month.  I was really worried it may turn off the few girls I have even though there is both boy and girl characters.  When I first introduced it one the girls raised her hand and said she LOVES football!  Whew! 

 I also took the jump and started math stations which I bought from Tara's Fourth Grade Frolics TpT store.  Here is Tara's TpT store link.  It also has a sports theme. I have been scratching my head to why I have not start this sooner.  My fourth grade class has been doing awesome.  I have my co-teacher man one of the stations and it has been smooth sailing! Fifth grade is also going well but a little harder to maintain by myself since my co-teacher has a small math group in another part of the building.

Here is my break down....I have 3 groups of 4  - 3 students that rotate through 4 stations every 7 - 10 minutes.  Yep I have tiny classes this year for math.  I have been blessed.  The groups stay the same all week and we do a new concept every day.  It is great for my very active boys and those students who tune me out in about 1o minutes.  I have to say this..... I LOVE Tara!  She was my coach and she did not know she was.  I read over her post about Math Stations and then bought her Sports Math Stations and VIOLA.  It has been working amazingly!  Thank you again to everyone for their advice!

Coach Corner - Intro new math lesson with me. (Alternate every other day for 5th grade with Simple Solutions concepts)
End Zone - Practice new math lesson with a partner/group.
Huddle - Co-teacher review Simple Solutions lesson (Math Review workbook) for 4th grade.  Fifth grade works on Simple Solutions together as a group.
Drill - iPads to work on Scootpad or other math drill app

I also had to include this picture that my hubby took of the back of my house.  Looks like Wizard of Oz. 

Have a great evening!

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