Sunday, August 4, 2013

August (What????) Currently & Saturday Snapshots

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am at last going to link up with Farley's most awesome linky at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  I LOVE this linky.  I do not know why but I refused to do this post when Farley first posted.  Oh yeah I know why!  It is August and it can't be August right?  Wrong!!!  It is August and digging my heals in won't make it not happen.  So here I go...

I see a typo already in number one (listening) but I refuse to go back and fix it.  I will explain.... I am listening to my youngest play a car racing game not me :)  My hubby is a breakfast guy.  He makes breakfast every Saturday and Sunday.  Gotta love that guy!  That moves on to loving... He took Friday and Monday off to make it a four day weekend.  I will show the fun we had this weekend in Mrs. Nelson's Got A Camera linky.  

Thinking.....Oh my gosh I can't stop thinking about this one.  In fact I did not get much sleep over this.  I went into my classroom yesterday to do some work and WHOA!  Someone has been painting my classroom.  Now I know some of you would do anything for someone to paint your room a fresh coat of paint but OMG!  This looks like a teenage boy's bedroom!  Or whoever picked out the colors has cataracts and is color blind!  Light blue and dark teal.

Here is a shot of the front of my room.

Sorry for the blurry shot I has shaking with anger at this point.

The worst part the cataract and color blind person who picked out this monstrosity, picked out all the colors for the hall and my partner teacher's room. 

The hallway had paint chips of navy and dark red and my partner's room had a vomit green color paint chip.  Anyone every hear of cohesion?  Harmony?  Light?  I am sorry if I offend anyone but did a man pick this out?  I one time saw a pin of a sign at a paint store on Pinterest.  "Any man that comes in to buy paint by himself must have a note from a wife or girlfriend to buy the paint color!"  AMEN

I have started the wheels moving to try to stop this painting and volunteered my hubby to repaint / FIX the color!  See I do have an awesome hubby.  Or maybe he is just tired of hearing me complain and wants to get some sleep without me tossing and turning. 

Wanting... no explanation needed.

Needing.... See above!

1.  Color ink for the printer to print off all those cute TpT products!
2.  Magnetic name plates will be so much neater and easier then the paper ones I have always used.
3.  Paint color!  See above!

All right click on Farley's link above and spread some bloggy love.  Come back to read the update on my classroom paint color!  Keeping my fingers crossed it is not too late to turn that bus back around!

I promise this will be short and sweet since I rambled on about the upsetting paint color..

Here is my weekend in a few snapshots for Mrs Nelson Has The Camera Blog.

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

First we found a lost and confused parakeet in our chicken coop.  Yep we have 6 chickens that lay pink, blue and green eggs.

Named him Cooper and I guess we are adding one more animal to our crazy family.

Then our entire family did the world's longest yard sale... US 127 Yard Sale.  We drove 420 miles of which 100 miles was part of the sale in Ohio.  Made 29 stops in a driving rain, acres of corn, soybeans and windmills.  Found a few treasures.

First city in the Ohio leg of route 127.  West Unity

Family running to the car in a downpour after our lunch stop.

The BEST stop.  American Pickers on steroids with OCD. Everything was categorized on pallets.
Then my hubby and I went on a date night in downtown Cleveland.  No kids!!!!!

Could not ask for a better ending to a Saturday night! 

Enjoy your Sunday,



  1. Looks like you had a really "fun" Saturday! :)

    The Teaching Twosome

  2. I am so sorry about the color, I know how you feel. My old school had this orange color in all the classrooms, it didn't match anything! I hope you can figure something out. Anyhoo, I am your newest follower thanks to Farley. Hang in there and have a great school year.

  3. I'm sorry about your room color. Yikes. Love all of the pictures. The chocolate bar sounds AMAZING. Glad you linked up.

  4. How did you fit all that in, you are super weekend teacher!

    I'm sorry about your paint color. Have you talked to your administrator? Maybe they'd be willing to repaint it, if you have someone donate the paint?


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