Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rain, Screams, Sun, Bats and Sand

I had to share a few pictures with a super cute linky party Miss. Nelson's Saturday Snapshots Linky . We had such a crazy week with the weather and a week of vacation.

First we went on vacation at the beginning of the week staying at my hubby's brother's cottage in Vermilion which is close to Cedar Point.  So I let my 2 big kids bring a friend so they would each have someone to ride those amazing coasters. My hubby and I on the other hand hit the kiddie rides with my little one.  Yipee!  That's ok after seeing those new coasters I decided these kiddie rides are just my speed.

Yes that is my hubby crammed into a kiddie ride.  What we do for our kids.  HeeHeeHee!  Gotta love that guy!

Then the RAINS came!

And they came and never stopped.  So we went back to the cottage.

The kids all did a lot of fishing while we were there.  Shhhh do not tell them but I HATE fishing.  I would rather shop, get a pedi or go to a craft show.  Oh well we were making memories.

My little one with her BIG catch.  The boys also caught a huge..... tire but I cannot find that darn picture.
Then we were back home and back to the big kids' sports.  My son is playing in a wooden bat tournament this weekend in Stark County.  We love to watch him play.  I sometimes cannot believe he is my kid.  He makes his daddy proud!

We also had my daughter's Soccer in the Sand tournament at the Mentor Headlands.  She scored 2 goals for her team, broke her toe and ended today with a crazy rash but that did not stop her. She is definitely not a wimp like her momma.

Those are a few snapshots from my week.  Hope you are enjoying our last few weeks of summer break the start of a new school year will be her before we know it.

Happy Saturday,



  1. Hey, I'm Wendy too!
    Looks like a fun vacation. Love hte pic of your husband and little one on the kiddie ride. :)

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  2. Great pictures. Looks like you are having a great summer. Love the soccer shot.

  3. Great picts! I am your newest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog if you get a chance!

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