Friday, July 12, 2013

Class Facebook Page or Blog????

I hope my followers can help me with a decision I have been thinking about since school let out the beginning of June.  I have been thinking about creating a class Facebook page for parents and students to share what is happening in the classroom (I refuse to post pictures of my students' faces but just the activity or project.), daily homework assignments, events and project deadlines.  I love Facebook to keep connected because kids love it (I know they are not suppose to have an account but most do.) and so do their parents.  I do have a personal Facebook account but I REFUSE to accept any friend requests from parents, students (prior or current) or co-workers.  I really love to share what the kids are doing in class and a Facebook page could be a quick way to do it..... no long posts.  Ha!

Or just start using my old class blog page to keep parents up to date with class activities and events.  I have used this page in the past to post pictures of activities or class projects (no facial shots), the students have responded to posts and I have included links that my students could use.  The problem with the blog is that I felt most parents did not even take the time to look at it and unless I had the students post their responses to a post during class time they did not use the blog either.  All that work but no one really took time to look at it.

Currently, my school does have all the teacher keep up with an Edline account where we post homework daily, links and post events and deadlines.  I cannot really post any pictures, parents / kids cannot respond to anything but with an email and to be truthfully it is not parent friendly.  For parents to see my pages (I have 4 separate pages because each subject has a separate page that the parent has to switch to.).  To be honest each student is to have a username and password so they can access my pages but most forget them. Talk about frustrating when we go to the computer lab to work on something that I want them to use a link I added to Edline.  Talk about a waste of time!

Most of my parents do not even link their email account so they do not get alerts to uploaded grades and homework or even the group emails that I send out with reminders. 

Sooooo here is my decision, stick with the Edline account only, try to get parents and students involved with the blog page or try a class Facebook page?  What are your thoughts?  What do you use to keep communication between home and school open? 

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  1. I understand that most students DO have a FB account, even though they are not supposed to. I believe, as educators, however, that we should be setting an example of good behavior. For this reason, I personally think FB is not the way to go if you want students to interact on the site. It also leaves children who have parents who won't let them use FB until they are 13 (like my own daughter)out of "the loop." These students are already frustrated about missing out on FB, and that could be really upsetting that they don't get class pictures or information that the others get to participate in. I think a blog is the way to go. Parents can decide if their children can post or participate anonymously or with their names, or students may just view the site. Everyone gets a fair chance without breaking rules.

    1. Thanks Karen for your comment and it made total sense. I cannot agree more. My 12 year old does not have a FB account so why should I encourage my students. I know with my own children I feel like I am constantly battling what their friends have or can do. So no FB class page for my class. Thanks again for your opinion:)

  2. Have you looked into Edmodo? It is very similar to facebook and looks quite like it but it is strictly for schools and kids. You can do a lot with it and kids can earn "stickers" for posting and stuff. I haven't used it in several years but I remember my students got on it a lot and their parents did as well.
    <Tales of a fourth grade teacher>

  3. Karen makes a good point. I know that FB is everywhere and everyone seems to be a part of it, but I do like her point about being role models. I like how kids can interact with/on the blog without actually breaking any "rules."

    My school also uses Edline, and I kind-of hate it! It doesn't seem very user friendly, and I think it's a bit ugly. :(

    Personally, I use a blog for my classroom. It worked well for us last year, although I don't think many parents actually checked it. I put a link to the class blog on my Edline website, and that's about all the customizing I did there!

    Edmodo is a good option -- I've heard lots of great things about it but haven't actually used it myself. Another option is to create an "actual website." I've used Weebly in the past to create a class website, and I loved it. It was very user friendly (drag and drop interface), I could add a blog (or several, if I so chose), upload pictures and documents... it was great! It's free if you don't mind having at the end of your URL. (If I remember correctly, it gets a little ridiculously expensive if you want to take that off. Boo!)

    I'd love to know what you decide, since I'm trying to make this decision myself!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog


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