Friday, January 1, 2016

New Beginnings and Making Memories!

Hey Everybody,
Happy New is 2016.  Yahoo, there is great things to come.  Such as a party over at Farley's blog, Oh Boy 4th Grade.  I hear Farley has not been feeling well but she can still throw an awesome party and get me off my bloggy butt!  Hope you feel better soon Farley!!

Listening - Our crazy deaf white boxer barks at our hearing bulldog constantly.  Ugh!!!!  Can't wait to go back to school so I do not have to hear that.  My kids also complain about me taking our Christmas deco down.  It is a pain to put it all back up in the attic that does not have stairs, just a shaky ladder.  Now everything is on hold while I party with Farley!  Thank goodness you can't see my living room.  Here is what our tree looked like before I started to dismantle it.

Loving - Who does not love one more weekend!

Thinking - I forgot to make dinner or was it intentional?  My hubby is now scrounging around for something to make.  Hee Hee!  Seriously this is what I did during break.  Played doctor and ate breakfast with my youngest and drove my oldest to work in my PJs!  EEEEK!

Wanting - My lesson plans to be done.  I have attempted 3 times to work on my lesson plans for next week but nope they are not done.  I just can't get focused.  I have all my plans in my head though!

Needing - Nothing this break was just what I needed and confirmed to me that I am blessed.  I am actually looking forward to going back to school....but for my lesson plans.

OLW - TRY...I want to try something new this year professionally and personally.  I love a new year, so many opportunities and a fresh clean slate to make more memories.

Happy New Year & Stop by again I love company!



  1. Loved reading your currently post. Writing plans over the break is paaaaainful! So hard to get motivated for me during breaks. I like that your OLW is "try" this year. What things are you wanting to try? Any ideas yet?

    Classroom Snapshots

  2. I love your word for this year. I always wanted to make sure what could I try as well. Have a great day!!!


  3. You and I have so much in common!My little one has had me playing doctor too. She thinks she is Doc McStuffins. I better get on those lesson plans too. Good luck! Have a blessed 2016. Would you stop by and check out my blog please?

  4. Listening: currently to Emily snore lol
    Loving: like you one more weekend, but also I have Disney coming up!
    Thinking: of trying a new math game I saw posted on Math Coavh's Corner today and all of the packing I still have to do
    Wanting: to do something fun with the kids tomorrow
    Needing: more time...for packing, lessons, researching, playing...
    OLW: hopeful...I'm hopeful all of my ideas will be somewhat successful in my new room and those that aren't can be tweaked


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