Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 3 - TpT Challenge - Health & Nutrition

Happy Rainy Tuesday!
This is week 3 challenge for the TpT Seller Challenge.  To create a new product for TpT......

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I created this because every year I do this project with my fifth graders after I teach nutrition and I really needed a more formal set of directions and templates.

The Motivation -  A Good Idea Gone Bad......
I usually do this with groups or partners but keep the groups small.  Last year I had big groups (6 - 7 kids in each group!)   My BIG idea was because there were 32 kids in each class so I had each group design one day's lunch.  So there was 5 lunches per class but it was disastrous. Like I wanted to stop midway and throw it out disastrous!  You know when an idea sounds great in planning but when you put it into action....UGH why did I start this!!!!!  It just was too hard to evaluate. Kids were off task  fooling around. Timelines were not met so unfinished projects resulting in yucky grades and unhappy students and parents. But it can be a great project that kids love.....

The Change to Awesome....
So I changed it so each Individual / small group / partners would make a week's worth of lunches.  I also added a student directions handout with guidelines for reference, a planning template and a final project template.  

Have a terrific rest of your week and make it awesome!


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