Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ear, Butt, Fairy & Laughter

Happy New Year!
Its Farley's Currently Time!
I absolutely LOVE reading her blog, Oh Boy 4th Grade. and joining her linky party! Woot Woot!

Well I hope my title, "Butt, Fairy & Laughter" got your attention!  It gave me a chuckle!  What a way to start the new year but I am positive it is going to be an awesome 2015!  So here is my New Year Currently.... 

Listening....My 14 year old is trying to convince my 7 year old that she is watching the ball drop with some video she found on Youtube.  LOL  Keeping my fingers crossed it works!  I love listening to my kids interact when they are not fighting which some days are few and far between.

 Loving....Of course winter break but mostly importantly my new hearing.  I had my "ear" drum replaced this summer that has been missing for at least 5 years.  Today I went to my last post op hearing test and was told my hearing is back to the normal range.  YAHOO!  I did not realize how bad my hearing had become until it was given back.  Wow what a difference! Love!

Thinking.... I need to get my "butt" in gear and start some school work done before this breaks slips by. 

Wanting... I feel like I have been in a creativity slump.  I don't feel inspired to blog or create any new TpT products.  I did make one product over break because I felt my "Flashlight Friday" needed something more.  Flashlight Friday is where the kids read for the entire period on Fridays with a flashlight but it needed some accountability for the kiddos.  So poof I created 4 different quick worksheets for them to fill out, one for each Friday, on what they are reading.  Here is the TpT link if you would like to take a peek.

Needing.... I always need a cleaning "fairy" godmother.  I hate to clean anymore:(

Yes... I have been thinking of some new career challenges/adventures that still involve teaching.  Hopefully more to come soon.

Maybe... A second job.  I like Farley, have some BIG medical bills and I have decent insurance.  See loving!   So I need to bring in some more money to pay off those bills.  Gosh if I could only start creating some more TpT products. 

Wish...For a year of new adventures, good health and laughter!

Share some linky love, find a new blog or two and have an amazing new year,



  1. I need a cleaning fairy too!! What wonderful news about your hearing - that is amazing that you got it back!! Hopefully the creativity bug will bite you soon and TpT can be your second job :)

  2. That's wonderful that your hearing is back to normal! I find that when I am in creativity slump, I go back and update my older products. It gets those creative juices flowing again, while being productive!

    Happy New Year!
    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. Sorry to see that your medical bills are piling up. I have a daughter that needs eye surgery every couple of years so I feel your pain! I hope you find some extra income your way soon.

    Being in a creative slump is the pits! Start looking ahead at your curriculum and see what you can do to spice it up a bit. Maybe that can give you a kick start.

    Best of luck to you in the New Year!
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  4. Ahh... a cleaning fairy if only. I wish you the best this year- I agree with 4th Grade Dynamic Duo look at your curriculum and tweak to your needs. I love that everything I have created on TpT I use.
    Best of Luck and hears to an amazing 2015.


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