Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pinterest and Blogging Frustrations / Questions ????

I hope one of my bloggy friends have some answers to my questions.  Lately it feels like my blog / internet has a mind of its own.  Last week my blog went haywire and had this label "You are popular - Photobucket."  all over my blog!  I Googled all over the internet what this was and how to get rid of it and at last had to contacted the girl who designed my blog, I guess Photobucket got a bug and all the "Pro" accounts were having problems.  Thankfully that did resolve itself. and I pretty much did not have to do anything.  Whew!

Now..... my Pinterest account!  It looks very normal but I am seeing people that I am NOT following on my homepage.  Here is a screen shot.

Who is Fiona Haythornthwaite?  She is not the only one that is on my home page that I am not following.  So I went on Google to see if anyone else has had issue and maybe I could fix / correct the problem.

Here is what I found and what I have done so far.

1.  Clicked on the mystery name and then try to unfollow but the follow button is not even clicked.  So I clicked follow all and then waited 10 seconds and then clicked unfollow.  Nope did not work.

2.  Then I clicked directly to that person board.  Still not following it but I clicked follow and waited then clicked unfollow.  Nope still did not fix the problem!  Now I am getting mad.

3.  I change my password to see if these mystery followers stop. Just in case my account was hacked into.  Of course not, now there is even more followers on my home page that I am not following.  What the %#$*!!!!!

3.  I read that I should click on my name on the right of the page and then click on who I am following and then look through looking at who does not look familiar or if I may be following a group board and unfollow.  Guess what?  All those strangers are not there either and no mystery boards that I do not know about!  I am now shaking my laptop. 

Ok my question is... Is anyone else having this problem?  Is Pinterest getting too big for their own britches and now they are taking it upon themselves to follow people for us.  Is there any way to fix this issue? 

So far most of the pins are school / teachers stuff with a few strange ones.  I worry that soon there will be inappropriate ones and I have a teenage daughter that does look at my Pinterest.

There was one solution mentioned when I Googled my question and it was to deactivate my account.  Oh gosh  I can't do that!  All my pins!  All those great teacher / school / home / recipes I could just go on and on.  To start over from scratch makes me sick!  Plus I am truly addicted to Pinterest!  Nothing makes me happier then to look at all those beautiful pictures to get my creative juices flowing. 

Help!  Any one else having this issue and found a solution?

Happy Sunday:/


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  1. I noticed that she also pins to collaborative boards, so that may be part of the problem. Maybe if you stopped following that collaborative board?

    Fifth in the Middle


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