Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Currently YAHOOOO!

At last I figured out how to post Farely's ( I love that teacher & would love to work at her school)  Currently linky from Oh Boy 4th Grade.  OMG I even looked at another teacher's website for the directions on how to do Farley's Currently.  It said to copy and paste the image to your powerpoint program.  Guess what?  I do not have a powerpoint program on this cheap notebook, only a viewer!  UGHHHHHH!  So I tried to copy and paste the image to my Microsoft word and insert a textbox.  Nooooo I was left with a giant white textbox that I could not make disappear.  I even asked my 13 year old son.  No help!  Then I tried to download Openoffice program and that would not download, for some error message kept popping up!  I at last tried Paint and guess what?  It worked!  Whoot whoot!

Here is my first Currently!  Yeah for me!

Listening - My youngest giggling while trying to sneak up on her big brother and stick a cut out of the mail flyers' picture of Obama.  Ever since we have been buried with election flyers my two biggest kids have been getting a kick out of sticking pictures of Obama in weird places. 

Loving - Fall is definitely here is Ohio since the tropical storm Sandy blew through.  The only bad thing is that all the beautiful leave are gone due to that crazy wind.  But there is a fall chill in the air.  I just wish for some sunny skies. It has been grey and raining since Oct. 29th.  Booo! 

Thinking - I definitely need to do my lesson plans.  Enough said on that!  Ugh!

Wanting & Needing - More money in my paycheck.  After getting my job cut three years ago due to decreasing enrollment caused by many of my parents losing their jobs but after given the gift of getting another job right away.   I should not complain.  But it has been tough with a $6,000 pay cut and no raises from my current school for the entire three years I have been there.  Booo!  I worry I may have to quit teaching.  My family is barely scraping by.  I keep thinking I should try to sell things on TPT or Teachers' Notebook but just haven't gotten the confidence or the time to devote to that project.

Music - Ok this is my pet peeve.  My four year old has picked up the 13 & 12 year olds wonderful habit of turning the Ipad / Iphone up to maximum volume while I am trying to work.  I do like Katy Perry even though I think some of the lyrics are not appropriate for my 4 year old.  I just think I am definitely getting old.  Ha!

Ok now it is on the small side but I can't fight with it right now.  I have to go serve spaghetti at my school's annual fundraiser. Yahooo!  I hope they make a few bucks that they can pass on to the teachers.  I hope you come back soon!



  1. Hi Wendy! I found you through Farley's Currently! That's too funny about your kids hiding the Obama pictures! I am from Ohio, too, and we have been swamped with brochures and phone calls! I am enjoying the fact that fall is finally here, as well!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. My six-year-old also likes Katy Perry, specifically "Firework," which she will play over and over and over again. Loudly. We are also in a swing state, and the calls have been ridiculous!!!

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. I miss having Fall weather. I grew up in Colorado and that was always my favorite time. Here is either sunny or rainy:) I hear you on the payraise, we all deserve much more than we get. Good luck at your fundraiser:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. Go for the TPT!! I started over summer!! I just started with small documents and have been working to make bigger ones over time!!! I've heard it takes about a year to get really going, but my store has been doing pretty well so far. Definitely not enough to quit my job yet.....but a little extra cash never hurts!! :)

    Thanks for following me!! I'm your newest follower!!

  5. I'm nominating your blog for a Liebster Award, although it appears that you might already have one. Oh well! Hop on over to my blog to check it out!

    Fifth in the Middle

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